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Cayman Islands Government

Press Releases: March 2018

Insurance Review Underway
Seniorsí unique health insurance needs are the topic of a public consultation 23rd March 2018, 4:38pm
Joint TCI Operation
Cayman and UK in Joint TCI Security Operation. 23rd March 2018, 12:39pm
NRA Upgrades Fleet
New purchase enables NRA to provide more efficient services of Caymanís roads.  23rd March 2018, 10:58am
Brac Spring Weekend
Brac Spring Break í18 was a popular initiative attracting many to its team building and bonding events 21st March 2018, 1:03pm
Governor Designate Arrival
Governor Designate Anwar Choudhury arrives in Grand Cayman on Monday, 26 March 2018 21st March 2018, 10:07am
What to Watch on CIGTV Week of 19 March 2018
TV guide for CIGTV Week of 19 March 2018 20th March 2018, 4:40pm
Guardians ad Litem Panel
Briefing session for appointing Guardians ad Litem Panel is on Wednesday, 21 March from 4.30-6pm at main Court House. 20th March 2018, 11:29am
Solid Growth Continued in 2017
Economic activity in the Cayman Islands grew by 2.4 percent at the end of the third quarter in 2017. 16th March 2018, 12:57pm
Consumer Prices Rose in 2017
The average annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) went up by 1.9 percent in 2017 when compared to a year ago. 16th March 2018, 12:31pm
Youth Parliamentarians Feted
At a reception, 19 Youth Parliamentarians were lauded for their superb work at the annual event. 15th March 2018, 4:39pm
Cross-Border Training for Officers
Enhancing border security by detecting illicit documents was the focus of the workshop. 15th March 2018, 2:16pm
Bridging the IT Gap
CSD hosts networking event which focuses on building relationships to develop best IT solution.  15th March 2018, 1:43pm
What to Watch on CIGTV Week of 12 March 2018
TV guide for CIGTV Week of 12 March 2018 14th March 2018, 4:28pm
Youth Parliament Held
Nineteen high and university students participated avidly in 11th CPA Youth Parliament. 14th March 2018, 3:27pm
Towards a Common Future
Commonwealth Day Message of Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth 13th March 2018, 4:23pm
International Women's Day
Civil servants join staff and the public at International Womenís Day event. 12th March 2018, 2:06pm
Flying the Commonwealth Flag
The Cayman Islands observed Commonwealth Day by joining nations around the word in raising the Commonwealth Flag outside the Government Administration Building.  12th March 2018, 11:51am
Interoperability Between the RCIPS and CIFS
Effective emergency response to incidents has demonstrated the increased coordination between officers. 12th March 2018, 10:06am
Mental Health Facility Plan Passed
Building permit approval now to be sought and construction contract will go out to tender. 8th March 2018, 5:35pm
Youth Prepare for Monday
Nineteen students are getting ready for the Youth Parliament on Commonwealth Day. 7th March 2018, 3:50pm
What to Watch on CIGTV Week of 5 March 2018
TV guide for CIGTV Week of 5 March 2018 6th March 2018, 3:00pm
Improving the Customer Experience
Civil servants are being trained about the kiosks. 5th March 2018, 4:27pm
Goodbye to Her Excellency
Governor Helen Kilpatrick gets a warm greeting and send-off from Mr. Fisher Porter. 5th March 2018, 11:56am
Youth Gearing up
Teens are busy preparing for taking over the House on Monday, 12 March 2018 as Youth Parliamentarians. 2nd March 2018, 3:17pm