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DCI Team-building Retreat

DCI Team-building Retreat

The Department of Commerce and Investment hosted a team-building retreat for staff on Wednesday, 29 May 2019. Author of “The Joy in Business” and TEDx Speaker Joy Baldridge facilitated the training.

The day was themed “Staying on Top,” as DCI seeks to maintain its reputation for providing exceptional customer service. As such, topics on the agenda included: team-building 2.0, innovative time management techniques and effective communication systems.

Ms. Baldridge was effusive in her praise of DCI, describing the Department as “beyond belief.”

She added: “talk about exceeding expectations, going the extra yard and above and beyond. DCI does it all!”

During the team-building 2.0 session, DCI staff learned the “four essential Cs” of effective collaboration: commitment, cooperation, communication and contribution. They learned keys to handling interpersonal conflict and the warning signs that could demotivate a team.

In the customer service focused portion of the retreat, staff contemplated the following modules: setting the foundations of outstanding customer service, rapport building, discovering opportunities to exceed expectations and active listening.

Ms. Baldridge explained the aim of the training programme was to “make the best even better and we accomplished that.”

She elaborated: “DCI is the very best at what they do and they work so well together as a team that they are extremely impressive. Of course, all teams have their moments, but they have fewer of them and work through them faster to achieve the ultimate goal of providing the best possible world-class customer service.”

The afternoon session focused on advanced time and priority management, before teams went head-to-head in a scavenger hunt.

DCI Director Ryan Rajkumarsingh explained: “at DCI, we are conscious never to rest on our laurels. We know we must work hard to ensure we maintain – and surpass – the high standards we have set for ourselves when it comes to customer service. I was proud to see how well our team worked together during the retreat and I am confident the skills they have learned will transfer over to make their dealings with our customers even better.”

Ms. Baldridge summed up the day, saying: “it was an honour and a privilege to work with everyone at DCI. They definitely live up to their reputation and deserve all the awards and accolades they have been receiving.”

The retreat took place at Cannon Place.

For further information contact: Caroline James