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Statement on Dock Approval

Cabinet recently approved a coastal works application made by Mr Marcus Cumber to facilitate the construction of a private dock.

Originally submitted in 2014, the final application was the result of considerable dialogue between Mr Cumber and public sector officials, including experts from the Department of Environment and the Port Authority.

Government's input was reflected in changes to the project made following the initial application. These included down-sizing the scale of dredging to roughly 10% of the area first requested.

Adjustments were also made to accommodate neighbours using the same canal. It is also worth noting that the length of the dock was never in breach of restrictions as has been publicly reported.

While Mr Cumber has confirmed that I have never had a business relationship with him, I would also like to note that the only business that I own is registered at the Legislative Assembly, where it is available by appointment for public review.

In the end the matter was only unanimously approved by the requisite quorum of members of Cabinet after the applicant repeatedly demonstrated that he was willing to take on board input from Government and the community.

For further information contact: Suzette Ebanks