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Minister Talks NiCE in LA

Minister Talks NiCE in LA

The Minister for Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joey Hew informed the Legislative Assembly that a team of National Community Enhancement (NiCE) Project workers will be employed shortly for a further stint of sargassum clearing.

His (Thursday, 25 July) statement updated members following the completion of this month’s initiative (8-19 July), advising that more than 200 tonnes of the seaweed had been collected. Sargassum clearance was targeted and took place in heavily affected areas including South Sound Boat Launch and Broadwalk areas, the Frank Sound Launch Ramp and Coe Wood Beach in Bodden Town.

“While the crews were able to clear and maintain the beaches free from sargassum on some occasions, we recognise that this is an ongoing situation which will require continuous effort,” he explained.

“Consequently, the Ministry of CPI has decided to extend the NiCE programme for a further two-weeks as part of a pilot programme which will involve a small crew with additional equipment. This approach will assist us to better assess the resources required to manage the problem.”

Minister Hew reiterated that a National Sargassum Plan was being developed by to resolve the phenomena. He mentioned that a multi-agency task force had been headed up by his Ministry to review the issue and that information was being gathered and assessed to map a way forward.

Minister Hew also detailed the other types of beautification work undertaken, and presented the following NiCE Summer 2019 statistics. District Numbers: George Town - 186, West Bay - 138, Bodden Town - 76, North Side - 48, East End - 38. Total - 486. Age Breakdown: 18 to 35 yrs - 210, 36 to 60 yrs - 214, 61 and over - 62. Gender: Male - 296 and Female - 190.

For further information contact: Elphina Jones