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CIFS Responds to Landfill Fire

The Cayman Islands Fire Service (CIFS) are responding to a fire located at the George Town Landfill this evening (Wednesday 4 September 2019).

The fire was first detected at 6:30am this morning on the surface of the landfill site. CIFS were called to the scene where they worked persistently to ensure the surface fire was extinguished.

The site was then monitored throughout the day by CIFS and the Department of Environmental Health (DEH).

No naked flames were visible but small amounts of smoke were detected later on this evening. Fire officers from the Central Fire Station were dispatched at 5:29pm to investigate further.

Investigations using thermal imaging cameras revealed a deep-seated pocket fire located close to the small surface fire extinguished earlier in the day was the cause of the smoke.

CIFS and DEH crews are working tirelessly throughout the night to excavate and douse the area in order to contain the pocket fire and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Roy Charlton said, “As the Deputy responsible for the Domestic section, I can assure the public that my officers are working diligently to minimise the threat of any smoke that might affect neighbouring areas.”

Mr. Charlton further advised that the fire is not a cause for concern and confirmed that his team will continue to work with the crew at DEH until they are satisfied that it has been fully extinguished.

For further information contact: Lucy Russell