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Strong Public Finances

A strong economy working for you

Cayman Island Government has this week launched national communications aimed at engaging the public on the value of strong public finances. The communications initiative will run with the theme, ‘A strong economy, working for you.’

The Minister for Public Finance and Economic Development, Hon. Roy McTaggart, said the communications effort aimed to raise awareness of the many government programmes and services available to the community, and to build knowledge around how government builds revenue, prioritises spending, and the Budget process.

“Every day, Caymanians of all ages are impacted by strong public finances. We want to showcase how our strong public finances support school buses, roads, libraries, health clinics, and major investments, which impact our daily lives.”

Showcasing strong fiscal management, the communications initiative will highlight Cayman’s achievements such as delivering substantial surpluses and continuing to pay down debt.

“Cayman’s economy continues to grow from strength to strength. This is reflected in the positive statistics that show employment is up, investments are being made in public services and major infrastructure improvements, and we have also been able to set aside funds to pay off a substantial portion of our debt,” the Minister said. “Through this communications initiative we want the people of Cayman to understand how a strong economy benefits everyone, including businesses and indeed future generations of Caymanians.”

The campaign will be seen across social, digital, and print media as we lead up to the 2020/21 budget itself on Friday, 8 November, thereafter continuing throughout the month.

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