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A Safer, Cleaner, Greener Cayman

A Safer, Cleaner, Greener Cayman

This week marks the launch of a national communications initiative that invites the public to join in imagining a brighter Cayman by highlighting the many resources and initiatives to help the community be safer, cleaner, and greener.

Starting in December, the initiative will offer timely advice over the festive season before moving into a series of promotional activity. We aim to increase awareness, knowledge, participation and pride culminating at the Agricultural Show in February 2020.

Highlighting Work Being Done

There are a number of government programs and resources available that offer advice and information towards safer, cleaner and greener communities, and this communications initiative will share these materials and encourage public participation.

“This initiative brings together the work done to support our communities as great places to live. The Cayman Islands is an incredibly safe, clean and green place already. However, we recognise there is always more we can do to protect this and foster safer, cleaner and greener communities,” said Minister of Financial Services and Home Affairs, Hon. Tara Antoinette Rivers, JP, MLA. “For instance, the Government continues to invest heavily in our first responder agencies such as 911, hazard management, community rehabilitation, and the prison and fire services. We greatly value the men and women of those first responder agencies who work hard every day to protect us by providing them with world class resources. For example, state of the art radio communication equipment, and new technology in the form of situational dashboards and missing person trackers, as well promoting initiatives to build greater resilience in our communities, means that we are better prepared for natural or man-made disasters than ever before.

“Everyone has a part to play in building a great place to live. It is by working cooperatively and collaboratively that we can make the Cayman Islands safer, cleaner and greener.”

Offering the Public Advice

This initiative will offer advice and tips for communities presented via digital, print, and social media content, actionable throughout the year.

“There are a range of ways that we are committed to making our country an even better place to live,” said Minister of Commerce, Planning, and Infrastructure, Hon. Joseph Hew, MLA. The minister went on to say that he was delighted to see the hard work of civil servants being communicated to the public in a way that benefits everyone.

“In July this year, I announced import duty incentives for clean energy transportation in support of the Islands’ energy policy. The duty waiver applies to electric, hybrid, energy efficient motor vehicles and bicycles.

“We remain optimistic that the position taken by the government to incentivize clean modes of transportation will encourage Caymanians to make choices that are aligned with both local and global sustainability.”

The campaign will be seen across social, digital, and print media from Tuesday 10 December, thereafter continuing into 2020.

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