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Government House Christmas Carols

Government House Christmas Carols

HE the Governor, Mr Martyn Roper and his wife, Mrs Roper hosted a packed Christmas Carols reception at Government House on Monday evening (16 December). Cayman Youth Choir was there to lead 400 guests in the singing of Christmas songs.

The annual event took place on the front lawn of the house this year in order to cater for additional guests. However, a heavy downpour began at the start of the evening.

Mr Roper said: “The timing couldn’t have been worse, just as the children from Cayman Youth Choir began to perform, the rain began. Yet they carried on performing Christmas Carols in the rain. As their sound system was hurried away for safety reasons, they sang even louder. I think it showed such Christmas spirit and the atmosphere at Government House, despite people huddling together under shelter to keep dry, was fantastic. A lot of planning goes into these events but the weather of course can’t be controlled. This is one event I won’t forget in a hurry! Well done to all the children and Naomi Allnutt, who carried on conducting despite the downpour.”

Cayman Youth Choir Director Naomi Allnutt who was conducting the choir said:

“Cayman Youth Choir was delighted and proud to have been invited to perform at the event. We wanted to make the performance fun for everyone, so even when the heavens opened we kept going regardless, hopefully bringing Christmas cheer to all the invited guests! We were certainly soaked through by the end, but the laughter, smiles and joyful support of the audience showed the resilience, talent and dedication of our wonderful young people and we couldn’t be more proud of them all.”

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