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Thursday COVID 19 Update

Thursday COVID 19 Update

Cayman Islands’ leaders were looking ahead to the Easter weekend at today’s (Thursday, 9 April) press briefing, which saw no further positive cases announced.

Prayers were led by Ms Cathy Gomez of the Cayman Ministers’ Association before leaders reiterated calls for the community to stay at home over the weekend as efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak continue across the Cayman Islands.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Lee reported:

No case results have come back today as the laboratory has been conducting validation checks on test kits from South Korea. They have all passed their validation with no issues.

Cayman’s testing kits are not immunoglobulin-based testing in spite of claims made in international media reports, but rather polymerase chain reaction kits.

Lab capacity, professional clinical management and testing protocols have been discussed with senior government members.

If you have been asked to isolate, it is a requirement under the law. A fine of $1,000 or 6 months in prison can be levied on persons found in contravention of this law.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Derek Byrne reported:

Police faced a quiet night during hard curfew, with no significant policing issues to report.

During last night’s hard curfew from 7 pm to 5 am, Little Cayman had no issues; there were 40 interceptions on Cayman Brac with two persons found in breach of curfew and warned for prosecution; on Grand Cayman, there were 170 interceptions with no breaches. One person was found exercising at 4.28 am in breach of curfew and warned for prosecution.

During today’s soft curfew, two persons were found in breach of soft curfew and warned for prosecution.

Business at supermarkets, pharmacies and banks has been managed well, with social distancing maintained.

Beach activity continues to be monitored by helicopter and marine units.

A file is being prepared for submission to the Director of Public Prosecutions regarding the “fake news” WhatsApp voice note.

Premier, Hon. Alden McLaughlin said:

New Zealand has registered just one death from COVID-19, in spite of a global picture that continues to look bleak.

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are very sacred days and not observing Easter in the traditional way will be difficult for many people. But the sacrifices made today will ensure we live to see another brighter Easter.

People are implored to stay home in their usual abode.

While Good Friday is not a hard curfew day, most businesses will be closed as per the Sunday Trading Law. Restaurants are still subject to soft curfew regulations, even though they are exempt under the Sunday Trading Law.

The office will close until Tuesday, 14 April and the team led by Chief Officer Eric Bush is thanked for their diligence.

The US authorities have released a container containing ventilators and masks; the Cayman Islands recognises the US Ambassador to Jamaica’s efforts in the successful intervention.

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Martyn Roper said:

The news that PM Boris Johnson is out of intensive care is welcomed and best wishes to him and his family are sent on behalf of the Cayman Islands.

He has held a virtual conference with 29 members of UK departments to keep them abreast of the situation in the Cayman Islands as concerns: healthcare, security and the economy.

He reiterates that the UK is steadfast in its support for the Cayman Islands and thanks the RCIPS for their efforts in maintaining the present stable security situation.

In spite of domestic challenges, UK crown agents have procured ventilators for the Overseas Territories.

The travel hotline will reopen on Tuesday, 14 April.

Minister for Health, Hon. Dwayne Seymour said:

The CUC team, CIMDS and all medical fraternities are thanked for their collaboration during this time.

Landlords should continue to be patient with unemployed tenants; tenants who are still employed should continue to pay their rent.

Love and best wishes are sent to those persons who have contracted the virus and they are advised to follow professional medical guidance.

Ways of boosting the immune system include stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, taking regular exercise and getting sufficient sleep. In addition, persons should plan for a digital detox to reduce stress, while maintaining a balanced diet and drinking lots of fluids.

Culture Ministry is looking at a stipend to support local musicians.

HSA is recruiting nurses on temporary contracts and for housekeeping staff. Persons should contact for more information.

For further information contact: Caroline James