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Governor and Premier Welcome Disaster Relief Funds

His Excellency the Governor Martyn Roper and the Honourable Premier, Alden McLaughlin have welcomed the formation of the R3 Cayman Foundation and the planned reactivation of the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund, formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.

Governor Roper Commented “We are very grateful to everyone working to make these two initiatives a success and to the funders who have very generously devoted their time and resources. The initial donation from Ken Dart was an important catalyst. The two funds will collaborate closely and enable Cayman to be even more resilient in tackling the threats that we all face from natural and man-made disasters”.

Premier Alden McLaughlin stated “I welcome the significant contribution that these two funds will make to Cayman’s preparedness and response to disasters. We have a good track record of dealing with crisis and a proud tradition of assisting our neighbours in times of need. COVID 19 has pushed the boundaries of resilience around the world and with this year’s hurricane season predicted to be a particularly active one, it is important that we use every resource we have to keep everyone safe. In recent weeks we have seen the real impact that joint Government and Private Sector collaboration can have as we have tackled the vital supply issues around testing and the delivery of PPE. The opportunities presented by the R3 Cayman Foundation and the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund will be important as we seek to solve further problems as we move forward into uncharted waters”.