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Public Health Community Support in COVID-19 Fight

Public Health Community Support in COVID-19 Fight

As the Cayman Islands relaxes its COVID-19 regulations, Public Health staff are fanning out across Grand Cayman, hanging posters in the staff areas of supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants, and other businesses, to support employees in maintaining safe COVID-19 practices.

Posters also are being hung in public places, and signage in selected bus shelters give the public even more high-visibility reminders – as do decals on the floors of businesses, which help the public to maintain six-feet social distancing.

More than 800 posters in English and Spanish, and nearly 1800 decals, have been distributed throughout Grand Cayman to both the public and private sector. Arrangements are being made to get them to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman as well, and they are available to anyone on, under downloads. Additional decals can be obtained from Public Health by emailing or by calling 244-2889.

“Especially as Cayman reopens, the posters and decals are reminders that behaviour change continues to be our biggest weapon against COVID-19,” said Dr Samuel Williams-Rodriguez, Cayman’s Medical Officer of Health who oversees the Public Health Department.

Health Promotion Officer Therese Prehay said business owners and staff have overwhelmingly welcomed the support.

“They appreciate the help in reminding customers to modify their usual behaviours, because that’s what helps keep us all safe.

“While we may need reminding, we all know the steps: Proper handwashing. Managing how you cough and sneeze – which we call respiratory etiquette. Wearing masks or face coverings. And maintaining six feet of social distance,” Ms Prehay emphasised. “This is what helps us to suppress the virus.”

The posters, and floor decals are a joint initiative with Public Health and Government communicators.

"Partnerships help Government support the community more effectively,” said Lisa Parks, Government’s Head of Strategic Communications and Campaigns. “Combining our knowledge and resources gives us greater impact in disseminating important COVID-19 messages and instructions. "