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Sahara Dust Plume Arrives

The Cayman Islands National Weather Service has advised that the Sahara dust plume now stretching across the Caribbean will support hazy conditions across the Cayman Islands over the next 24 hours.

The Public Health Department is advising the public that over the next twenty four hours these conditions could potentially increase symptoms in persons with asthma, and other respiratory illnesses due to the elevated dust and particulate matter concentrations. Those persons are advised to stay inside as much as possible, but if they have to venture out are urged to remain calm and contact their healthcare provider if they experience any difficulties.

Officials also encouraged persons with respiratory conditions who are able to wear masks, to do so when they are outside for the next few days.

For additional weather information please visit For any health concerns please call your doctor or Public Health at 244.2621.

For further information contact: Suzette Ebanks