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CINA's Mandate

The Cayman Islands National Archive (CINA) is dedicated to preserving the documentary history of the Cayman Islands and its people.

CINA’s operations have many facets. Not only is CINA charged with operating a Government Records Centre and providing a records management service to the Public Service, CINA is also responsible for collecting, preserving and making available the archival records that form the Historical Collections.

CINA takes a holistic approach to research. Archives pertaining to the Cayman Islands flow into the Historical Collections from Government agencies, private donations, copies of records identified within the holdings of overseas institutions & an Oral History Programme. To further enhance the researcher experience CINA has a large reference library making our facility a single place for research offering our Reader’s both primary and secondary sources for the genealogist to the academic researcher.

Locked within the documentary heritage of our island is a rich history awaiting to be discovered, embraced and revived for the benefit of community.

CINA comprises the following Sections:

  • Administration
  • Archive & Records
  • Preservation
  • And two Units
    • Records Policy Unit
    • Reprographics Unit

Organisation and functions

CINA provides two sets of services: one to the public and one to government. For members of the public, the Archive acquires, preserves and gives access to the historical heritage of the Cayman Islands; for government departments it supports a modern records management service ensuring that official records are properly managed from the moment of their creation until they are transferred into the Historical Collections or destroyed. The two services are closely linked: today’s records are tomorrow’s archives. Only with sound records management and meticulous preservation can records be carefully maintained for future generations.

The work of CINA focuses on 2 major outcomes:

  • To enable good recordkeeping practices across the Cayman Islands public sector, in support of Government accountability and efficiency; and
  • To manage, preserve and provide access to the documentary heritage of the Cayman Islands through its Historical Collections.

CINA comprises the following sections:

  • Administration
  • Archive
  • Preservation
  • Records Management

The three main functions of CINA are Archival Management, Government Records Management and Preservation Management; please see the Classes of Information section of our FOI website Also, see Section 7: Categories of Information in this publication scheme.

Staff Directory

  • Tricia Bodden, Archivist
  • Hamid Charles, Reprographic Technical Officer (Micrographics)
  • Dennis Denton, Conservator (Special Media)
  • Brenda Ebanks, Executive/Accounts Officer
  • Maylen Eden, Conservator
  • Carol Mascarenhas, Education Outreach Officer
  • Charisse Morrison, Archivist
  • Charlena Nunez Garro, Records Centre Officer
  • Elizabeth Scholefield, Transcriber, Oral History
  • Tammi Selzer, National Archivist
  • Tyrone Yen, Records Assistant

Governing Legislation and Regulations

The Cayman Islands National Archive is established under The National Archive and Public Records Law (2015 Revision). The major responsibilities of the National Archive are defined in this Law and the accompanying Regulations. The National Archive also has responsibilities to establish rules and procedures, as defined in The Financial Regulations section 43(2); The Personnel Regulations section 49(3); and The Freedom of Information Law section 52(3).

Cayman Islands National Archive Organisational Chart

Last Updated 2017-06-05