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Published 11th July 2017, 5:5pm

Fulfilling its campaign

mandate to establish a National Human Resources Department, the Cayman Islands

Government is inviting the public to take part in a project that will help

shape improvements to services offered by the Department of Immigration (DOI)

while enhancing customer service.

The first step, of

what is being called the DOI Process Improvement Project, will be the rollout

of a public consultation phase consisting of an online survey.

The Premier and

Minister for Human Resources and Immigration, Hon. Alden McLaughlin says, “the project provides an opportunity for the

public to guide government on changes they would like to see at the department

in order to provide a more efficient, and customer-centric experience.”

He remarked, “This review is the first of many stages

in establishing a National Human Resources Department within the government

that will seek to combine the work of the Department of Labour as well as

manage the granting of work permits, while also ensuring that Caymanians

successfully attain employment”.

Mr. McLaughlin added that

in the broader context “the ongoing

review will also bolster the security of the Cayman Islands, including

important border control systems and enforcement.”

Encouraging members of

the public to share their feedback, Chief Officer for the Ministry of Human

Resources Immigration Wesley Howell explained “the online survey will give the public a platform to express their

thoughts and opinions regarding their working relationships with the DOI, and

provide details for opportunities and areas of improvement.”

Through this reform

initiative, the Cayman Islands Government seeks to achieve a shift in the way

public services are delivered within each section of the DOI by encouraging

stakeholders within the Cayman Islands to provide feedback on what is needed in

order to develop a sustainable delivery model of immigration services.

“The knowledge we gain from the survey results

will not only allow the government to ensure staff members receive adequate

training in the delivery of immigration services, but also in establishing

procedures that will put Caymanians first when processing work permits”, said Councilor for

Human Resources and Immigration, Austin Harris.

The Ministry of Human

Resources & Immigration has engaged Deloitte to provide the survey. The

survey is structured to collect input in response to various questions, and

will serve as an important tool in the process of leveraging public feedback to

design the strategic and policy direction for the DOI.  All information provided by survey

respondents will be anonymous and remain confidential.

Members of the public

may access the online survey at: