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Peter Carpenter

Peter Carpenter is Director of the Office of Education Standards within the Cayman Islands Government, Portfolio of the Civil Service. Carpenter was HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector) in Scotland where he was Lead Inspector for primary education. Between 1996 and 2004, Carpenter was Principal of two schools in the north-east of England. He has 30 years teaching experience.

Prior to joining the Office of Education Standards, Carpenter was Director of Inspection with Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau and helped establish a programme of school inspection and education reform in public and private schools for the Government of Dubai. Carpenter has a BA (Honours) degree and MA in English, as well as qualifications in primary and early years education.


Senior Inspector

Althea Edwards-Boothe

Althea Edwards-Boothe is a qualified educator and trained school inspector with over 26 years’ experience in teaching and school inspection. Prior to joining the Office of Education Standards, Edwards-Boothe was employed as Senior Inspector with the Inspection Division of the National Education Inspectorate, Jamaica.

Edwards-Boothe has also worked as a Senior Early Childhood Inspector with the Early Childhood Commission, where as part of the senior management team, she contributed to the maintenance of a comprehensive legal, regulatory and policy framework to support the development and implementation of early childhood programmes and services in Jamaica. Edwards-Boothe serves as Examiner with the Caribbean Examinations Council for CAPE Literatures in English and holds a Diploma in Teaching, a B.Sc. (Hons) degree and an MSc in Social Policy.


Associate Inspector

Katherine Whittaker

Katherine Whittaker is a qualified teacher and college educator with over 25 years’ experience. During her teaching career, Whittaker taught English and religious education at middle school, English language and literature at high school and psychology, world literature and law at college level. Whittaker holds a BA in English (Education), MSc in Reading Education and MSc in Human Resources Management.

Whittaker is currently Head of the Cayman Islands Government’s Youth Services Unit and was previously Deputy Director of the Department of Youth and Sports.

Executive Officer

Daniela Eden

Daniela Eden is the Executive Officer to the Office of Education Standards within the Cayman Islands Government, Portfolio of the Civil Service. Eden was previously employed with the Royal Cayman Island Police Service (RCIPS) from 2012 to 2018 where she gained experience in the Crime Desk Unit, Exhibits Department and Firearms and Security License Unit before joining the Office of Education Standards in March 2018.


Last Updated 2018-07-19