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Facility Manager Troy Whorms(Left)  and Chief Officer of the Ministry (PLAHI) Alan Jones (right) flanked Mr. Wright during the award’s presentation.

Published 4th March 2016, 4:26pm

Fisher Wright is the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for December 2015.

Mr. Wright, affectionately known as Fisher Porter, is being awarded for being Most Helpful, Courteous and Willing when executing his duties as the lead facilities technician within the Facilities Management Department.

The Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month Awards scheme was introduced in 2012 by the Deputy Governor Hon. Franz Manderson. The Deputy Governor’s Award Programme was developed as an internal award scheme to recognise civil servants who exceed our expectations.

There are three tiers to the awards scheme. The first is the Chief Officer’s Choice. Department Heads nominate members within their Departments in their respective Ministry. The second tier is the CIG Employee of the Month, selected by Deputy Governor and Chief Officers. The committee chooses the CIG Employee of the Month from the shortlisted candidates and/or Chief Officer’s Choice recipients. The final award is the Deputy Governor’s Employee of the Year, selected from the 12 candidates awarded with CIG Employee of the Month.

Mr. Wright also collected the Chief Officers’ Award (December) for the Ministry of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing & Infrastructure (PLAHI) and was awarded with that Ministry’s Employee of the Year for 2015.

As a long standing employee (over 31 years) Mr. Wright as has made a career of working in the Civil Service. He started as a young adult, at the now demolished Tower Building, and since moving to the new Government Administration Building, he has gained a reputation for being the go-to person who can make things happen.

His commitment to quality and productivity is “as good as it gets,” said Facility Manager Troy Whorms. “He treats the building as his own and ensures that anyone coming to the building receives the best experience possible.”

“It seems to be his nature to never say NO when it comes to assisting hundreds of civil servants housed in the Government Administration Building; he undertakes to find a way to be available for each individual,” Mr. Whorms said.

Chief Officer of the Ministry (PLAHI) Alan Jones praised Mr. Wright for his dedication and service to his fellow Civil Servants: “I want you to know that it has not gone unnoticed that you prefer to spend your well-earned vacation assisting departments with ad hoc requests, so even though you should be away from the Building during this period of time, you are still on duty. Your initiative to volunteer to help departments when you should be off the compound of the Government Administration Building has been cited as a cost-saving measure to the Cayman Islands Government,” Mr. Jones said.

Deputy Governor Hon. Mr. Manderson said, “Mr. Wright exudes the quality of the Civil Service. He goes the extra mile for his fellow civil servants and for members of the public. He opens the doors for employees who have an armful of bags, offers an umbrella when it’s raining. His performance is difficult to match and of course he does all this with that winning smile.

This recognition symbolizes and reinforces the values and standards that we expect all staff to exhibit. You serve as a role model for all Cayman Islands Civil Servants.” Mr. Manderson also thanked Mr. Wright for demonstrating such a remarkable level of performance and commitment.