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CIG Employee of the Month July Ezron Anderson team

"You have demonstrated excellent leadership in your current role..."

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson

Published 21st September 2017, 10:26am

Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for July 2017 is Ezron Anderson for being Most Willing to Lead the Change.

Currently a Senior Immigration Officer at the Department of Immigration, which falls under the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration, Mr. Anderson was hired as an Immigration Officer in 2006. He was promoted to his current post in 2010 and has acted as Assistant Chief Immigration Officer for Border Control on two occasions. During one of his acting stints, he conducted training for Cayman Airways staff in Jamaica on various immigration matters, which led to the reduction of fines for the national carrier originating from that country.

"You have demonstrated excellent leadership in your current role and when you were required to act as an Assistant Chief Immigration Officer, " said Deputy Governor Franz Manderson. "You consistently advocate and led the effort to bring the Department of Immigration in line with international best standards and this is why I have selected you as CIG Employee of the Month for July."

Mr. Manderson added, "All of us are pleased to see that you have taken advantage of opportunities for professional development which has aided your high performance. You have earned the respect of your peers who describe you as ĎA Starí and often comment that you are one of the key leaders in the department. Your commitment to teamwork and innovation is commendable, which is critical given the major challenges faced by the renovation at the airport and the threat to our security. I understand that your knowledge of the Immigration Law and Regulations is outstanding. "

Chief Officer for the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration, Wesley Howell said he admired Mr. Andersonís drive to find solutions, "Whenever he raises concerns, he also recommends well thought out and researched solutions to those concerns. He is the personification of continuous improvement. His drive to find more efficient and effective ways to improve processes, systems and customer service delivery is commendable and inspirational. "

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith said, "Without fear of contradiction, Officer Anderson is one of the most conscientious supervisors within the Department of Immigration. "

"His conduct demonstrates critical thinking, which allows him to move beyond superficial parameters, " Mr. Smith continued. "He immerses himself in challenges by offering creative solutions for a better outcome. Officer Anderson is the consummate change participant at the highest level within the supervisory cohort. I congratulate him on this occasion and wish him my very best. "

The Deputy Governorís Award Programme is an internal award scheme to recognise civil servants who exceed expectations.