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Omara Whittaker is the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for November.

"It brings me great pleasure to recognise Ms Omara Whittaker for her stellar performance..."

Chief Officer Dax Basdeo

Published 30th January 2018, 7:20am

Omara Whittaker secures Employee of the Month for November

Omara Whittaker is the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for November.

Ms Whittaker, a Customer Liaison Officer – Intellectual Property, in the General Registry Department, also secured Chief Officer’s Choice from the Ministry of Financial Services & Home Affairs (MFSHA) for being Most Helpful, Committed & Professional.

She started her civil service career in 2008 as a Customer Service Officer and earned a promotion four years later to Customer Liaison Officer for filings with the Public Recorder. In 2015 she was promoted to provide administrative assistance for intellectual property registrations.

Deputy Registrar General Donnell Dixon nominated Ms Whittaker for stepping up to take over preparation of the Intellectual Property Gazette for publication.

"Ms Whittaker agreed without hesitation and never questioned the quantity of work expected, and she arranged a training session with Government Information Services on the correct format and layout needed for publication. This is but one of many examples of Omara’s work ethic.

"She has made herself available on numerous occasions to assist the Health Service Authority with birth and death registrations when medical emergencies have arisen on the weekends or late nights," he explained.

Registrar General Cindy Jefferson-Bulgin congratulated Omara for securing the Employee of the Month recognition for November. "Your consistent exemplary performance for the Department does not go unnoticed. You are always responsible, hardworking and have a pleasant attitude. I encourage you to keep these attributes."

MFSHA Chief Officer Dax Basdeo said, "It brings me great pleasure to recognise Ms Omara Whittaker for her stellar performance. Ms Whittaker always goes beyond the call of duty to get the job done and I am thankful to have such a rising star within one of our departments. There are many areas in which Ms Whittaker could be commended; however, what resonates most with me is that she continuously strives to maintain a high standard of customer service, which is in alignment with our vision for a World Class Civil Service."

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson thanked Ms Whittaker for her keen sense of customer service and her great smile:

"You are pleasant, helpful, reassuring and often provide a patient and caring voice on the phone when assisting customers with queries about intellectual property. You consistently exhibit a strong sense of responsibility when dealing with financial services’ clients and the wider public. Your commitment to putting the customer at the heart of everything you do is evident from the passion you demonstrate when dealing with them.

"The example of your commitment and professionalism was recently on display when the Department was tasked with producing a new Gazette to enhance the services provided for registration of intellectual property but did not have the human resources to undertake this initiative. You readily agreed to work extended hours to prepare the Gazette for bi-weekly publication."

Mr Manderson thanked her for demonstrating such an exemplary level of performance and commitment to the Cayman Islands Government.

The Deputy Governor’s Award Programme is an internal award scheme to recognise civil servants who exceed expectations.