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Mitzi Watson-Jervis is the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for April 2018.

"You encourage the concept of working smarter, not harder..."

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson

Published 25th May 2018, 12:16pm

As Head of Business Services & Licensing with the Department of Commerce & Investment (DCI), Ms Watson-Jervis received the award from Deputy Governor Franz Manderson for Fostering Effective Communications.

"You encourage the concept of working smarter, not harder," Mr Manderson declared during the presentation on Wednesday, 23rd May.

He continued, "You are an empathetic and conscientious manager and a dedicated civil servant who embraces challenges with positivity and determination. And you inspire your team to do the same."

Mr Manderson noted that Ms Watson Jervis makes a difference in the lives of those we serve by championing the need to improve communications and increasing inter-agency co-operation. "Your proactive approach not only supports DCIís obligations, but plays an integral role in managing compliance with business-related laws and regulations," he added.

Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure Acting Chief Officer Tamara Ebanks congratulated Ms Watson-Jervis for displaying our core values of passion, integrity and professionalism and fostering effective communications. "It is vital that we work as one civil service together."

DCI Director Ryan Rajkumarsingh praised Mitziís approach to team communications. Through team effort our outputs have increased by 25%, and there are almost no backlogs of business licensing applications.

"Today, it is not enough to simply do our jobs when it comes to public service. Departments cannot function in isolation and people cannot work in silos if we are to provide a seamless and efficient product as a single government. Mitzi has leveraged her relationships with peers and former colleagues in the Customs and Immigration Departments as well as other government entities, to improve communications and increase mutual inter-agency co-operative efforts," Mr Rajkumarsingh said.

Ms Watson-Jervis started as a Clerical Officer in the Judicial Department in 1986 and then moved to Customs Department a year later. In 1996 she earned a promotion to Senior Customs Officer. After receiving a Masters and Bachelor degrees in Business and Finance, Ms Watson-Jervis received another promotion as the Head of Finance in the Customs Department. She resigned from Cayman Islands Government in 2013, and joined DCI in 2015 as Head of Business Services and Licensing.