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Press Release

Published 28th May 2019, 5:50pm

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin said he was deeply saddened to have learned of the passing today of former Jamaican Prime Minister Edward Seaga.

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin said “He will be remembered as a great and respected Caribbean Leader and as one of Jamaica’s outstanding politicians. He was the only remaining member of the team who drafted the Constitution when Jamaica gained independence from the UK in 1962 and one of the longest serving Members of the Parliament, not just in Jamaica but in the Caribbean, holding his seat in West Kingston for over 43 years. That is no mean feat in politics.”

“His love of culture and particularly Jamaican folk music endeared him to many and as a major record producer he played a role in introducing ska to the world”. I knew him personally and have fond memories of our conversations on occasions when he visited Grand Cayman.” continued Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin “my sincere condolences go to his family and friends.”

Edward Seaga, 89, died on his birthday in Miami. Although he lost the general election in 1989 he remained the Opposition leader for many years afterwards and built national institutions such the annual festival celebrations and the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission.