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Invitation to Tender for Labour Consultancy Services

The Cayman Islands Government Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture is seeking to engage a suitably qualified and experienced Labour Consultant, with a view to determining the strategic direction and priorities for the Department of Employment Relations and to ensure that the Department possesses the operational capacity to achieve these goals.

Specifically, the advice being sought has four principal outputs:

  1. Strategic Direction – The determination of a direction for the future development of the Department of Employment Relations, in line with best international practice and the particular needs of the Cayman Islands; and recommendations on the adjustment of Departmental outputs accordingly;
  2. Organisational Structure and Capacity – The establishment of an appropriate structure, or structures, for the Department’s various activities and functions, which identifies the levels of skills and other resources, including information technology requirements, necessary for each function to be provided in an efficient and effective manner;
  3. Legislative Framework – The assessment of the adequacy of the existing legislative framework for labour in the Cayman Islands, with reference to the proposed strategic direction, the particular requirements of the Cayman Islands labour market and the need to align domestic legislation with relevant international obligations;
  4. Implementation Plan – The production of an implementation plan and timetable.

Eligibility Criteria

Interested parties with 10 or more years working in Labour Relations and specific experience in the provision of Labour consultancy services, should obtain a tender package and further information by downloading the documentation available here online.

Three copies of tenders are to be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Tender Document – Ref: DER-T-06/01)”, addressed to:

	The Secretary
	Central Tenders Committee
	c/o Portfolio of Finance and Economics
	Government Administration Building
	Grand Cayman  KY1-9000

The deadline for submitting tenders is on or before 9:45 a.m., 27th October, 2006.

Queries may be directed to Vaughan Carter, Deputy Chief Officer (business Planning), Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture, on (345) 244 2473, or email,

The Cayman Islands Government shall not be bound to give any reason for not accepting any applicant and will not defray any costs incurred by applicants.

Invitation to Tender
Labour Consultancy Services Tender Package
Exhibit 1
Labour Law (2001 Revision)
Exhibit 2
Harris McCoy, Organizational Structure: Employment Relations Department and Employment Services Centre, 2001
Exhibit 3
Hon. Roy Bodden MLA JP, Towards a New Era of Employment Cayman Merchants Association, 8th August 2001
Exhibit 4
Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, A Report on a Proposal for Establishing New Employment Relations in the Cayman Islands, June 2002
Exhibit 5
Walling Whittaker, Labour Administration in the Cayman Islands, 2004
Exhibit 6
Employment Law 2004
Exhibit 7
Debra Morris, Employment Law Reform in the Cayman Islands: The Long and Winding Road, University of the West Indies Cayman Islands Conference, 2004
Exhibit 8
Angelyn Hernandez, Chamber of Commerce Seminar: Understanding the New Employment Law, 20th April 2004
Exhibit 9
Roy Bodden MLA JP, Cayman Islands Country Paper, presented at the Caribbean Labour Ministers Meeting, 22nd April 2004
Exhibit 10
Department of Employment Relations, Improving the Job Placement Process, 2006
Exhibit 11
Walling Whittaker, Trends in Dismissals and Terminations, presentation to the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals, 24th February 2006
Exhibit 12
Hon. Alden McLaughlin JP, speech for Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals, 24th February 2006
Exhibit 13
Current Department of Employment Relations Organisational Structure
Exhibit 14
Department of Employment Relations Handbook, 2006
Exhibit 15
Employment Outputs from the 2006/7 Annual Budget Statement