Life in Cayman

We are proud to be Caymanian. With strong connections to the United Kingdom and across the Caribbean, we trace our history back to early settlers in the 1700s.  Our rich seafaring tradition, warm hospitality and pioneering spirit have laid a foundation for the Cayman Islands we know today: a modern economic and tourism hub, rich and vibrant in its diversity. 

Aerial view of George Town

The Cayman Islands has been an economic success story. Founded on our twin pillars of financial services and tourism and anchored by a stable government, we have delivered strong economic growth and employment so as to benefit families and businesses across our islands.  These strong foundations supported the country through the pandemic and ensuing recovery.

As one of the world’s leading providers of institutionally focused, specialised financial services, our main industry sectors include banking, investment funds, captive insurance, trusts, and structured finance. We have achieved a significant global market share in a number of these areas and continue to develop other sectors of the economy.

We are known as a premier tourism destination. Attractions across our three islands include the acclaimed Seven Mile Beach and historic sites. With some of the world’s best coral dive sites, we strive to protect our environment and species including our successful Blue Iguana recovery programme.

The Cayman Islands is great place to live, work and do business.  We have sound law and order and modern business practices, with well-developed infrastructure including a wide range of grocery stores and restaurants, schools, a modern airport with, in normal times, direct flights to North America, Central America and the Caribbean. We continue to invest in health services, education, sports, arts and cultural facilities and events, and an active voluntary sector.  

The Cayman Islands Government took early and decisive steps to protect our country from imported COVID-19 cases, and were able to actively suppress the virus through swift enforcement of health and safety regulations, effective social distancing measures, the rollout of robust testing, and many other initiatives with the private sector and non-profit community. 

With support from the UK Government, we made good progress with the implementation of the Cayman Islands COVID-19 Vaccination Programme which commenced in January 2021. This was instrumental in the execution of a phased border reopening plan which enabled the country to rebuild our reputation as a world-class tourism destination and get businesses and families back to work whilst safeguarding the health of our community.