Postal Address:

Public Lands Commission
Government Administration Building, Box 108
133 Elgin Avenue Grand Cayman KY1-9000
Public Caller Office:
Unit A7 (ground floor)
Crown Square
71A Eastern Avenue
George Town
Grand Cayman
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Under the remit of the Ministry of District Administration and Lands, the Public Lands Commission (PLC) was established in 2017 by the Public Lands Act, 2017. The mandate of the Public Lands Commission is set out in Section 5 of the Public Lands Act (now the 2020 Revision) found here

  • Regulate the use and enjoyment of public land by members of the public;
  • Protect the right of access to and use of public land (This includes registered and unregistered public rights of way to the beach and shoreline) by members of the public, including the enforcement of public rights of way over private land;
  • Respond to complaints regarding the use or misuse of public land;
  • Issue permits for the use of, and activities on public land;
  • Advise the Chief Officer of the Ministry presided over by the Minister, on general policies respecting the enforcement of the Law and in particular enforcement matters;
  • Exercise the powers and carry out the functions delegated to it by the Minister responsible for Lands.
The following activities on public land require a PLC permit:
  • Events (for commercial purposes, for more than 25 persons)
  • Vending
  • Driving a vehicle off-road on public land
  • Docking a boat or vessel overnight at a public dock
  • Horse riding on public land
  • Camping on public land (public holiday & Easter exemptions apply – see Regulation13)
  • Bonfires
  • Temporary structures

To apply for a PLC permit please review Application Guidelines here.

To report any obstructed public rights of way please contact the PLC Chief Inspector.

To reserve a cabana at any of the public beaches and parks, complete this form.

PLC Inspectorate


The Inspectorate enforces the law as set out in the Public Lands Act (2020 Revision) and the Public Lands Regulations, 2021. The core role of the Inspectorate relates to the application and use of government property. The PLC is the entity responsible, under the Prescription Act (2018 Revision) for applying to the Grand Court in the event that an unregistered (prescriptive) public right of way to the beach is disputed. Obstructing a registered public right of way is a criminal offence under the Public Lands Act. Activities on public land without a PLC permit is a criminal offense and are liable to a fine by the PLC. (See details in the Public Lands Regulations 2021, Section 16)

PLC Appointed Members

The Commission comprises six Caymanian members of the public, whom the Act requires shall be from each of George Town, West Bay, Bodden Town, East End, North Side, and Cayman Brac / Little Cayman respectively. The legislation requires the Commission to meet at least 6 times annually, although usually it meets monthly.

Members are appointed by Cabinet, and the current membership is shown below:

Jaron Leslie


Teddie Ebanks 
Member of the public from Northside     
Deputy Chairperson

Anniki Brown Hill

Member of the public from Bodden Town


Ezmie Smith
Member of the public from West Bay 
Elsie Kynes 
Member of the public from Cayman
Brac & Little Cayman 
Shanna Myles 
Member of the public from George
Sharon Smith 
Member of the public from North Side
Director of Lands and Survey (or Director’s designate)     
 Member (Ex-officio)
Chief Officer for the Ministry of Lands  (or Chief Officer’s designate)  
 Member (Ex-officio)
Chief Officer for the Ministry of Commerce (or Chief Officer’s designate)      
 Member (Ex-officio)
Chief Officer for the Ministry of Tourism (or Chief Officer’s designate)
 Member (Ex-officio)
Chief Officer for the Ministry of Planning (or Chief Officer's designate)
 Member (Ex-officio)